Jumaat, 25 April 2008

Respond kepada Dr Chua Soi Lek (Subsidi Kerajaan)

Dr Chua Soi Lek, Pemimpin yang berani memohon maaf, telah menceritakan tentang subsidi minyak.

Often, the rakyat is unaware of the element of subsidy by the government in daily life and the present mode in delivering subsidy is not equitable, benefiting the rich more than the poor. Who should rightly receive a bigger portion of the subsidy? The government should reveal how we ditch out the subsidy. A rich man who drives a Mercedes pays the same amount for petrol as a poor man using his motorbike; he pays the same electricity tariff as the one living in a low cost house. In the same way, the rich has access to medical healthcare just as the poor
Dan ini ulasan saya.

Dr Chua

Yes I Understand there are a lot of efford to maintain the price low but...

1. The Rakyat just want the result, not forced to understand current formula.
Rakyat doesnt really matter how high the price is everybody can afford it.

2. The root cause of the problem not mentioned in the "Penjelasan", which is the currency.

3. The current formula will make "gov has to spend bilion of money", but the realy is the subsidy is just "on paper" if we look at different angle.

feel free to read all my previous post about minyak.


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