Khamis, 16 Ogos 2007

Dear Technorati. Unsurppoted language (Malay-ms)

Dear Technorati.

My blog is in Malay (langcode=ms), i know it's not supported by technorati maybe beacuse of it's hard to differentiate between Malay (ms) and indonesian (id) .

It's OK,
The issue is, when someone put technorati tag cloud at website written in unsupported language, for example (http://sebolku.blogspot.com). it doesnt display any content , UNLESS the visitor selecting "All language".

The problem now, is when visitor select "all language", the next time she/he visit the page, the default is still english and not "All Language".


Click "Merlimau" at Tag Cloud at this page, it will display "There are no posts tagged merlimau in that language.", but actually its contained with a lot of content in malay.

The content will be display only when visitor select "All Language" and click "search".
(which is not so friendly).

There are several suggestion to overcome this problem.

1. Store some cookies, so save "all language setting" at visitor browser, so that when she/he revisit, the language setting become "all language"


2. Create a specific link for "Search post in all language from http://sebolku.blogspot.com"


3. make the tag cloud javascript to store language setting including "all language" , so that the value automatically parsed to the processing engine.



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